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My name is Dominik,
I am an organizational developer, art director, founder, and designer living in Germany. My passion is to help conscious organizations evolve, so they can actualize their true purpose.

I firmly believe that our society and planet can expand in consciousness when holistically thinking and feeling people effectively come together in purpose-driven organizations.

"My mission is to help society evolve in consciousness."

As a studied philosopher, designer, and social entrepreneur, my core interests lie at the intersection between abstract future visions and practical action and implementation based on structure and strategy.

I love to dive deep into conscious philosophy, concepts, and visions as much as I like to make them real by using organizational structures, partnerships, and emerging technology.

I feel inspired by the impact of creating new holistic organizational and systematic foundations for a new generation of evolving individuals on Earth.



Initiation of the Institute of Conscious Education and Social Transformation (CEST) at Alanus University together with Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga.


Start as long-term spiritual apprentice in Amsterdam


Finished postgraduate schoolarship in the study of european mysticism


Graduation as Bachelor of Philosophy, Art and Social Entrepreneurship from the Alanus University near Bonn (Germany) and specialized in the Integral Theory and the concept of Purpose


Co-founder of the conscious retreat and coaching platform Purpose Retreats together with Emily Kreusch and the Academy for International Education in Bonn (Germany)


Co-creator and advisor of the spiritual search engine Relight, which has originally been founded by Simon Ester.


Co-creation of the education platform Integral Map with Simon Ester that visualizes and explains the Integral Theory


Creation of an Art Coworking Space together with Eutopia Bonn and the Institute for Education and Social Innovation in Bonn (Germany)


Graduation as a Communication Designer specialized in web design and corporate design from Kunstschule Wandsbek in Hamburg (Germany)


Start as freelance designer and artist in Hamburg (Germany)

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